Curb Cover and Keen Ramps Presents: Angle Iron Vs. Ledge Cover

Are you having trouble coping with the different kinds of, um… coping? Well you’re in luck because Curb Cover and Keen Ramps teamed up for a video to explain the merits of angle iron and the Ledge Cover. In the video, above, Cory Keen drops some know-ledge on your ass:

1. Angle iron has a sharp edge that makes sticking more of a possibility compared to the slightly curved edge of the Ledge cover.

2. Angle iron comes standard as raw/ unfinished steel. You’re constantly going to be fighting rust and reapplying paint whereas the ledge cover comes standard with powder coating (electrostatically applied and cured under heat with ultraviolet light) which in most cases if you took a piece of angle iron to a powder coater you’d spend more than the cost of the ledge cover.

3. The sharp edge or angle iron wears your trucks down faster and can have scary/ hazardous consequences if you slip out on a grind and smack your shins on the edge. It’s the difference between a dozen or more stitches and just receiving a minor bruise.

4. Angle iron typically comes in 1” or 2” symmetrical pieces leaving your tail and wheels to slide on whatever surface you’re putting it on whereas the ledge cover has 6” of material up top and 3” on the face of the ledge so that you’re only having to rely sliding on the fresh and buttery finish of the powder coating steel with the Ledge cover.

5. A ledge cover can be quickly added and just placed on top of just about any surface (brick, stucco, a skate stopped ledge, wood, tile, etc) whereas a piece of angle iron will need to be affixed with liquid nails or some type of screws and/or anchors which not everyone has access to the tools or hardware to make this possible. Not to mention the fact that the ledge cover can make a spot skateable in seconds (and then quickly removed and ready to go to a new spot) instead of worrying about how to attach angle iron.

When it comes to ledge coping, you could say that these guys have “cornered” the market. Shop Curb Cover here !

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